On August 1st, 2016, Uber’s new self-driving truck reached the California/Oregon border, so the state is now officially the nation’s first self-driving state. This is a big deal because, not only will self-driving trucks bring more money to the state, but the fact that it was the first state ever to achieve this has created quite the stir.

The reason why the state is so special is because it is the first time they’ve successfully tested a fully autonomous truck. One of the reasons the state is so special is because they were the first state to pilot a truck with full autonomy. This is pretty exciting for anyone who has ever worked in a trucking company.

As a matter of fact, the driverless trucks have a lot of potential. If they can do things like load freight with minimal human intervention, and if they can do things like load freight with minimal human intervention, they can do a lot of other things too. A fully autonomous truck could also be used to help with the environment, and the fact that they are self-driving trucks now could enable the state to do something really exciting.

While the entire game is about a couple of things, there are a few things that you can do to make your vehicle more friendly, but we want to focus on the more technical things, like the amount of cargo the vehicles can carry.

They can carry as much as 2,200 pounds of cargo, but the maximum weight they can bear is 5,000 pounds, so they can carry a lot more. The fact that the vehicles are autonomous means that they can carry a lot more without the drivers having to intervene. This could be used to help transport materials that the company wants to ship into a landfill, or for people needing to move a lot of cargo to a new location.

You can’t really transport cargo that heavy by truck, but for things like heavy construction materials like lumber or rock, it’s a good idea to have some sort of robot that can move the stuff. If you plan on building a big house, you probably need a lot of materials that can’t be moved by a human. And if you don’t plan on building a big house, you can still hire a trucking company to help you move the stuff to a new building site.

Ads are a somewhat new trend these days. In the early years, people would just fill up with the materials needed for a job and then go to the office to file the paperwork and get paid. Now most companies are doing more than that and hiring an employee to help them. The key to a successful ad is an employee with a very high motivation.

The problem with ads is that they are generally low motivation. The employee doesn’t have a job, they are just there to make a deal. And since you are the one who really wants to move stuff, you end up with a lot of stuff. The first thing that can happen is that your employee has a little too much stuff. The second thing that can happen is that you get told that they will be moving a very large quantity of stuff that day.

And since this is the internet, that means you’ll definitely get a lot of traffic. It would be nice to have some company that actually has a job, but the internet is a cruel, unpredictable place. What is better than a lot of people getting a large quantity of stuff? A truck full of it.

You can’t really make money as an internet advertising truck and make sure that all your trucks are safe. You have to be careful. But I just want to point out how many people there are on the internet who have the perfect online job for anyone who wants to work from home. A truck full of stuff. I can’t imagine that someone would actually be so generous to give it to you if they could.