If you search for someone on Instagram, you might get a lot of results for their profile. This might seem like an obvious fact. After all, you probably wouldn’t be able to find them anyway.

Well technically, yes. After all, if you were to look for someone on Twitter, you might get a lot of results for their profile. However, there are a lot of people on Instagram who arent actually using your account. And that is why you might get a lot of results for their profile. Instagram uses an algorithm that tells it which posts to display based on when people search for you, so you might not get them if you search for them on Instagram.

This is why I use twitter to find people I know. And it is why I avoid Instagram, too. I have a lot more interest in finding people I know on Twitter and not on Instagram, but I know that I could be searching for a person I know on Instagram.

As a matter of fact, Instagram is very good at figuring out who you are based on how you search. So if you search for someone you know on Instagram, you might actually get to find them by searching for them on Twitter. This all becomes important in the future when we launch a Twitter app that uses this type of data to recommend new posts to you based on your search history.

Instagram actually doesn’t know if you’re looking for them on Instagram or Twitter. It only knows if people you search for on Twitter have a specific hashtag you have entered. So if you search for someone you know on Twitter, you will probably get to see their Twitter profile.

I am not sure if this is a good idea, but if people don’t know if they are being found on Twitter or not, they probably won’t get to see them.

I agree. I guess it is a good thing you have this option, but if this is a major part of your life, and you dont know how to use it, it would only be a waste of time. I also find it weird that Instagram doesn’t use your search history. It makes it hard to use this function, as you wont know what to look for.

Personally, I use Instagram’s search function to find people I know. If I am looking for friends to go out with, I type in things like “people I know” and they appear in the search results.

This leads me to believe that searches for you are probably already done by your friends. Even though it might be a good way to get a feel for your social circle, it does give the illusion that you are not getting your own profile linked to your Instagram account.

If that is the case, then it’s a clever way of giving your friends the illusion that you are using Instagram to find them. But then again, they may already be using it to find you. The real question is if they think it is a good way to find them, and if they are doing it for real. You don’t want people searching for you, and then using Instagram to find you.