Our facebook groups are where friends, family, and colleagues come together to talk and discuss their lives, their families, and their businesses. I love the idea of a group where people can get together and share ideas and opinions as well as to laugh and be inspired.

My list of groups is here. As you might expect, there are many groups that meet in my pages and I do include a lot of people who are very lucky to have such a large group. But for those who are not yet into the field, here are a few of my favorites.

I’ve been asked to host a small group to chat with the writers of the New York Times’ “The New York Times Review” and to ask what their stories are. I’ll probably host one as well, but I was hoping to have a few more posts soon.

The New York Times has an amazing group called The New York Times Review, and you can find the blog here. I’m also a member of the New York Times Book Review, and the book review group is here too. I’m always happy to receive posts from the other groups.

The New York Times Book Review is a group that I belong to and to which I have gotten many great posts over the past few years. The group is dedicated to reviewing the best books in the world, and I host posts from time to time, just to keep the page going.

I’m also on the New York Times.com Blog.

The New York Times Book Review posts are also great sources for information on books. Their review policy is very specific, and you can find the review policy here. Im also on the New York Times.com Blog.

As a member of the group, I have set up a few facebook settings so that I can send the latest posts from the group to my friends/followers. This is a great way to show you what I am reading and what I’m talking about, and it also allows me to show off my bookishness.