We are very proud to be featured on the Facebook page of The Motley Fool in their recent article, “Should You Paint Your New Construction Home?” The article discusses the benefits of paint and the importance of choosing the right color for your home. We thought it was a great way to help inform those of you who have decided to take the plunge and get the home that you have always wanted.

Facebook is one of those places that is really designed to be used. So if you do want to get involved in a movement-building endeavor, you would hope that there is a place where you can find people who genuinely care about you and your goals. One of the things that makes The Motley Fool’s article so great is that it not only asks people to share their thoughts about the article, but also provides a space to share pictures and other stuff too.

We’ve always wanted to share pictures of the things that we’re doing with our homes, but it can be a really difficult thing to do when people are all around you. That is why we decided to do something with our homes. We figured there was no way we were going to be able to build a social network if no one else was around to share pictures too.

We were lucky to have a lot of great pictures around the place when we were doing the survey, but what we found was that many people who live with us didn’t share with us any pictures of their homes. In other words, we weren’t really sure how to help people with their homes, so we decided to start a facebook page called “Featured Homes.

We were pretty proud of our home page, but when we started to do the surveys that we did, we noticed that a lot of people didnt really care to share their homes. When you post a picture of your home, it shows up on a lot of social media sites, but people dont really have a reason to come and see your home. We figured that this was probably because most people think that a home is a place where they spend the majority of their time.

So we decided to go a little deeper and see what people really care about. We have made our pages really clear what we are and aren’t and what we do and don’t do. We also have a Facebook page where we post photos of our homes. We post a few hundred of our homes, mostly because we are having a house-flipping contest. And we promote our page by having friends sign up for a newsletter that we post on our facebook page.

A lot of people are really excited about this. These are people who are not only into homes and decorating, but who are also into the homes themselves. That means that they are also interested in the things that go on inside them. What they want, and what they don’t want. So the more they are exposed to the inside of our homes, the more they can get a true picture of what makes it tick.

This is one of the biggest benefits of the facebook marketing we use. In the past, when we went to a home, we would have to meet the owners personally, even if it meant walking around outside and introducing ourselves, or a trip to the hardware store. We would have to meet the people who owned the home, but they would have no clue what we were talking about.

This is where the benefit of facebook marketing comes in. First of all, we make the visits easier for the homeowners by having the home owners show us around, and secondly, we’re able to meet those people who don’t have a Facebook account, and in the past, even a few of the owners of the homes we met were not aware of what was going on. This is all part of the reason why we started Facebook marketing.

Facebook is another great way to get your name out there, and it’s a great way to reach out to people who live far away like the people we met at the home. Because in most cases, homeowners can’t actually get to the home to meet with us, it becomes very easy for us to get to the home and meet those people. In addition we get to meet the homeowners who are currently renting the home, which is fantastic.