It’s that time of the year again! We can all agree that it’s the perfect time of year to sit through a few minutes of tv with your friends.

We’re all guilty of the same thing, not watching movies that were just released or movies you’ve seen years ago but are still on the DVD. Its that time of year we can all be sitting in front of the TV and waiting for the movie to come to theaters and then we can decide if we want to just watch it on our computer or if we should actually go see it.

That may sound like bragging but hey, everyone does it, so you can go ahead and say it.

Its not bragging at all, it’s just how everyone does it. I just spent a few minutes watching some videos that I watched from last year and was surprised how many of them were still available at the time of this article.

Facebook’s always had a way of leaving some interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits. This time for example, one of the most recent videos that I was able to view was one from last summer’s Cannes film festival when I was there with my wife. The video was titled “Jaws,” and it’s a beautiful little fish-out-of-water tale of a young man whose dream of going to college has gone up in smoke.

It’s a nice little story that shows that Facebook is no different from most other social media sites. It’s an interactive website where you can create and share all kinds of interesting content. So how do you share a video? Well, in many cases, you can simply upload it to the site and then share it with your friends. But there are other ways to find interesting content.

Facebook’s “share” button is a little different than most of the other social media sites. It doesn’t allow you to only share with your friends directly, it only allows you to share a link. A lot of people would consider this a problem, but Facebook sees the value of this feature and allows users to share links and articles they’ve posted on other sites.

People who use Facebook’s share button are limited to sharing with friends. However, there’s a way to share links with anyone without using the share button, by creating a Facebook group. Each member can create a new group, which can link to one another. In this example the link is shared under the name “Facebook Group for The Guardian.

Facebook has a feature that lets you share any link to any page with the URL. This is an example of this feature. In this case the link is shared under the name of the page.

The Facebook Group feature is only available to users with a Facebook account. The idea behind this is that if a user doesnt have a Facebook account they will have limited access to the Facebook Group feature.