I can’t deny how my life is changing. This is no longer a time of “slow” by any means. I have a new outlook on life, a new attitude to take, and a new set of priorities. I don’t want to waste any more time on the things in your life that you don’t need.

I’ve been saying for years that I needed to learn to put down the phone and get things done. With the help of the Google algorithms, that is finally happening. Now I’m starting to take control of what I want, and I want to do it as fast as I can.

If you’re still worried that the Google algorithms have gotten you all tangled up in a time loop, I have some good news. The Google algorithms are not so much about time as they are about time with you. They’ll take a look at anything from your every move to the smallest of things and give you a score based on how much time you spent on each task. So if you’re spending 15 seconds on every task like I have, they’ll give you a score of 15.

It turns out Google is a bit biased towards the things that are interesting to them. When I searched for “how to get a new car” I found that the top results were all about a person who was really into cars. The bottom results were all about cars, and that was just because Google didn’t care that I knew I was in a time loop.

Well, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Google tends to favor the things that are fun to you. The people who write the best articles and posts tend to like them. When I search for something that is fun to read I tend to find articles about that thing, not time loops. So I’m not sure what google is trying to prove here.

Google will continue to use these links to make their content more search-friendly, and when I’m alone I’ll use a search engine like yahoo or even reddit or something like that. That makes these articles more search-friendly and more useful.

Yeah, it’s not the first time people have called this something that’s fun to read. The first time was when I was 10 and we had all read the article about time loops in a movie and I was laughing hysterically. Same with the time loop in the video game. But I guess that’s because I was 10 or something.

I don’t know what Im really talking about, but I guess I need to get out of the mood of this now.