The joy of marketing coupons is that it is relatively easy to market to people as a way to spread the good word about a product. You don’t need to make it look as good as the coupon itself. You just need to make it work. And you really don’t even need to go to a website. You can do it in your pocket or the air.

So here’s the question: if you’re a coupon-clicking douchebag who is really into marketing and knows that it is a lot of work, why would you want to put yourself out there as a coupon-clicking douchebag? After all, if you can’t actually find a coupon for a product, you have nothing to sell, right? This is why I love our new promo code for $5 Off Select Amazon Coupons.

So I got a new coupon code yesterday and thought I would share it with you today.

Don’t worry, this is definitely not the right code.

This is my actual coupon code. It’s not a “promo code” since I am not using it to sell anything. I’m just using it to give you people a free coupon. The problem is that I am also not a coupon-clicking douchebag. I’m actually quite a coupon-clicking douchebag myself. I just happen to be doing what I think is the best thing for the coupon-clicking industry.

You see, the coupon site I just linked to is actually an affiliate site where I am making a commission off of people who buy my links. What makes this even worse is that I am not even actually a coupon-clicking douchebag. Im just a coupon-clicking douchebag, that’s all.

Well, I don’t actually read my coupons, per se. But I am pretty active on coupon sites, so I know what products are good for coupon-clicking. In fact, I have my own coupon site. I’m even the guy behind the coupon links I linked to in my first picture. But I actually don’t think coupon sites are worth my time.

A big problem in the modern web is that you can easily create your own personal site and then sell that personal site to anyone else who buys it. That’s the big problem. People who think they’re creating their own website should probably realize that there are far more people out there who have purchased your coupons than there are people who have bought your links.

So, to some, these coupons are great because they are free and they dont cost you anything. But if your goal is to actually sell your coupon links to people, its a problem. For one, they are not worth the effort. Many of the coupon link sites are not the same as a normal coupon site. Many of the coupons we find on coupon sites are the same as a link, but no one else can see them.

Another problem with coupons is that you are likely not getting an email every time you place a link. It’s not really rocket science, but it is a tough sell. And you have to think carefully about how your coupons will work. For example, if you give a nice $10 price tag to your friend in “My Friend”, and expect to get $100 or $150 in the next ten minutes, you can’t really get a $10 price tag.