This week has been a whirlwind of changes for music access. We’ve had a lot of news to share but now we want to share the music we’re listening to.

Last week we had the exciting news of our music streaming friends, Pandora, being merged and integrated into YouTube. While we are excited for the integration of Pandora, we really are excited for the new features that Youtube will have in store for the future. One of our favorite features from YouTube is the ability to upload your music to any website or playlist in YouTube.

This is a great move so far, but the integration of Pandora into Youtube (and therefore Google) is just the beginning. Over the coming months we will be rolling out the next level of integration, which is the ability to share to social networks. We are excited to be able to share our music with our fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is an amazing step forward for the artists, and a great way to reach our music fans in a new way.

This is pretty huge for those artists who want to get their music in front of a new generation of music lovers. Pandora and Youtube are great at providing access to music. But what about the millions of other music lovers out there? They are the ones that will need to use something like Spotify to listen to their music. When we started working on Pandora, we really wanted to make the music sharing experience as easy and intuitive as possible.

Spotify, a lot like Pandora, is an online music recommendation service that lets you hear the songs of friends and other people you follow. It’s a platform similar to the radio station. What separates it from a radio station is that you can choose to only listen to songs that are specifically in your listening mood. It’s kind of like the way you browse your favorite shops on Amazon.

The music platform Pandora is really interesting. Although it is an internet music recommendation service, the way it is designed and the music it recommends are very different. Pandora’s interface is a lot simpler than Spotify. It is a web-based music player which uses a similar interface to Spotify, but not as similar as Facebook’s Music app. Its interface has been designed to easily access and navigate all the songs that you’ve heard before.

When Pandora launched, it was almost a joke. Pandora’s launch of its app had an all-time high – more than 1 billion songs. But we’ve still got a massive number of songs in our Spotify playlist. We’re pretty sure that Pandora has a lot of music fans – almost 40% of the music fans who like it – but there are really only a tiny few, so we’re not sure.

Spotify’s interface is so similar to Pandora’s, that I think it just happens to be the most popular music library in the world.

Well, there you go. Pandora has over 1.3 billion songs.

As it turns out, the majority of Spotify users are 25-34-year-olds. And the rest of the world is pretty much what I would imagine it would be like to be in: music junkies, not music lovers. That’s why Pandora is so popular among music fans. This is no surprise, because Pandora does things that other music services don’t. It has a very large catalog of music from all over the world, and the service is always expanding.