I’m sorry for that? I’m also sorry for asking the same question over at Facebook. I’ve been at a loss over how to explain that my posts are visible to anyone who has Facebook. I’ve tried to explain it in every way I can think of. I’ve tried asking “do I want to see this?” or “this is why I’m posting this?”.

I think it’s a good idea to post links to your Facebook profile, and I think that’s why you see my posts there. But I also think that it’s a horrible idea to just post links to your profile on a website that can track you from anywhere. This includes your blog(s), Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

That makes me think that there is something missing. Ive never seen anyone else post photos or videos from the past few months of the day, and it’s hard to find people who are just going to post pictures of my face while I’m doing my makeup or just trying to convince me that it’s still me.

This is something that I see a lot when I write a blog post. It seems that people are just as annoyed by my blog posts as I am. I see this so often, this nagging feeling that something is wrong. I know I should just stop with all of this complaining, but I can’t. I’m not posting this because I want to make a fool of myself.

I just keep saying that things are wrong, but Im not sure I actually believe that. I think I just believe that people are just being weird. Even in our own world people are just being weird. And I think I am just being weird. I dont know. I just feel like im being weird. I guess maybe its just me being weird. I dont know. Im just being weird.

But what could be wrong with being weird? Well, there are a lot of things wrong with being “normal.” Maybe you just need to get over that for a while. Even in your own head, or at least in the one you’re in right now, you can be weird and still be “normal.” Maybe you just need to let go of the idea that everything is the same and accept that there are things that just aren’t normal.

You have to be weird to be normal, or just not like you are. I don’t know. I know that there are things that are just not normal, but in life, you can be weird. It’s just that your brain doesn’t know what you are and what you are thinking at the same time. It feels like it doesn’t know what you are thinking. Even the weirdest people in your life are weird.

It’s true that everyone is the same, but that doesnt make them a normal. When you look at a normal person you see a normal person. When you look at a weird person you see a weird person. Thats what being normal consists of.

But in death, what I do is I say “this is normal,” like the day of your birth. I say “this is normal,” but I don’t always mean “this is normal,” and other people do. Its not normal to be in the same room all day. Its not normal to have a bad day. It’s not normal to go around in circles with people who are different than everyone else.