This senior sunday series is a great way to capture your memories of the senior years. This is one of my favorite ways to look back at the season and remember what it was like to grow up in our household.

In the first episode of this series, Senior Sunday, there is a girl named Amy who has gone through a lot of things that she doesn’t want you to know about. However, in an effort to make you like her a little bit more, I’ve included these short captions that explain some of the things that happened to her throughout the series.

Not only do these captions explain the things that happened to Amy, they also remind us of some things that happened to me. Like the time I was at a friend’s house and I was so tired of sitting on the couch, it was the first time in a long while that I have sat on the couch alone and not even felt the urge to get up.

But the funny thing is that there are also some things that happened to me. Like the time I decided to go to a bar during the middle of my senior year. As I was walking to the bar, I passed this old man sitting on the steps. I thought to myself, He looks older than he is and I don’t know why. I told him I was 20, but he was a senior, so I said he was probably in his fifties.

I didn’t see this man in senior year, but I did see him again in the same bar at the end of the year. I was sitting at the bar with my friend and we both had our phones out. We saw this man and said hello. We were so stupid.

Apparently this man was from a very wealthy family. His father had many businesses. And on his dad’s birthday he had to give a speech to the entire town about how all of his life his father had done well and he wanted to reward their good fortune. He gave his speech in a room full of people. For some reason he made himself wear black gloves that had diamonds on them. Just like the rest of his father’s wealth.

What would have been cool is if the speech had been from him. It would have been more interesting to see the father and son. But it’s still quite fun to see what people actually say in the video.

When you think of the senior sunday speeches, it’s hard to think of any more interesting ones than his. Its like, “Haha, you made a great speech about how you’re the richest senior in the town. You don’t know how lucky you are. But you’re still the most interesting to watch. I can’t believe how many people have been able to hear you.

This speech seems to have helped him a lot. He’s clearly a lot happier now because he doesn’t care about his own future anymore. In fact, he seems to have realized that he’s on a path to self-destruction. But I must admit, I get a tad sad that he isn’t seeing it himself.

He may have left the island for good, and that would be really sad, but in a weird way, he’s still happy with his new surroundings. He’s not as depressed as he used to be, and he seems to have actually been enjoying his life, and so it’s been hard for him to let go of it. We’re left wondering if he really did leave the island of his own volition.