2016 was a big year for me. I think I’ve finally figured out what makes me happy. And that’s not just because I’m a super, super smart person. It’s because I have a great group of friends.

My new roommate was invited by the same person to visit the place where I lived in Chicago. This was in the time of “this is where my name is,” which was the exact moment I was invited. So it was an awesome opportunity to meet everyone and get to know so many people.

This was also the year I started my own podcast. So Ive been at it since last September. Its been on my to-do list for months.

The reason I started the podcast was because I wanted to talk about my life and the world around me. I wanted to show people a little bit of what I want to talk about so much, what I can do, and what I need to do to improve my life. It was a lot of fun.

The podcast got so much attention, I started doing interviews with people that were looking for some advice and inspiration for what they wanted to accomplish in their lives. I found a lot of the advice to be helpful, especially when it came to improving your health. I wanted to share my own experience with the things that worked, and the things that didn’t, so I decided to start a podcast that I wanted to tell my own life’s story.

I’m so glad that this is happening. As I said in my intro, I find the internet an interesting and exciting place. When I started my podcast, I told you about the name, but now that I’ve been a full-time podcast host for two years, I feel the need to say more about it.

The “my life story” podcast is an interactive and entertaining way to learn and share your own story. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram or listen to my podcast on iHeartRadio. You can also email me at [email protected] for more information.

The first thing you need to know about my podcast is that I am a huge fan of podcasts and the internet. I started out with my podcast because I was a music nerd, and I wanted to help people learn more about music. The internet is still my favorite place, and I want my podcast to continue that trend.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook or Twitter @JLionisicu. You can also email me at jlionisicu.edu. For more information, please visit my website at jlionisicu.edu.

If you like my podcast, you like my work. That’s not a bad thing. I had a lot of fun writing it and I’m so glad it’s done.