Since 2007, WJLB-TV has become an important source of information about the local community.

In that last year of its run, WJLB-TV provided the public with a wealth of information that often was of interest to the community. In addition to news and commentary, we also had a section on local music, events, and sports, and our news show was a favorite of many of our viewers. And while our news program is no longer on WJLB-TV, it still is a part of our community.

Like most other local TV stations, our news show is now on Facebook. We now have our own Facebook page where we post our news and information about the local community. It’s a really cool thing we can share with our friends and families who might use it, but it also offers a nice way to link to our website at

We like to think of ourselves as a small-town media outlet. We don’t want to be on the local news. We want to give local news a break. We believe local news deserves to be at least part of our community. Now that we’ve started our own Facebook page, we’re hoping to use it to our fullest advantage. We’re hoping to make our local community even more self-aware and knowledgeable.

Of course, the problem is that Facebook has a very high user-base, especially when you consider that we live in a small town. We don’t want our page to become a popularity contest. We need to make Facebook part of our community. We need to make it a place where local people can come and find us and our thoughts. We want people to feel like our presence isnt just an option for fans of our local news, we want to help bring them to our community.

We need to spread the word that we exist where people can find us, not just for our news site but for our entire community.

There is one way to reach that community. By including Facebook with our site. Facebook is part of our community. We can provide a place where people can meet our people and discuss local happenings and events. We can provide a place where local people can join forces with each other and create a community around this. We can provide a place where people can find out what we are up to and why we do what we do.

We can also link to the Facebook pages of our featured viewers, so that people can see what our news site is all about. We can get more information about them and their sites through our Facebook pages. We can provide other ways people can find out more about us, all of which are completely free of charge.

Basically, we have a lot of free stuff to offer. We’ll be posting on the Facebook Pages of our featured viewers, we’ll be taking requests for information about them, and we’ll answer posts directly from those people.