This post is something that I had to write because I am calling in my “why” question. Why do you call me? I didn’t even know what a WHY question was until about a year ago. I still do not know. I have never been asked my WHY question so I thought I would share it.

I’m not quite sure what makes me think this is a good question. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s just because I think it’s a really good question, but if that is the case I would be quite willing to change my calling pattern.

The question itself is a variation on the “What is your Why?” question I used to ask my clients. If I didn’t, I might not be able to help you. It’s a good question because it offers you a lot of insight into yourself and your life. It allows you to ask yourself questions that can help you see the bigger picture.

One of the best things about being able to ask questions in a social context is that you’re able to answer them without much effort. It allows you to have that much freedom in the world being able to answer questions that don’t really apply to you.

So when we got into the game of life, it was the case that our minds were made up and we were always in charge of our life. I mean, we never thought we were there for the answers, but our minds were made up and we had to act. In the game of life, we dont have to think hard about what we do, so we can choose what to do, and it really is the first time we are conscious of our choices.

Also, like the other game of life level, the game of life is a very meta-level, and we are not just the same as the people we talk to on the phone or in person. We are the ones that set the rules that govern everything else.

I had a quick chat with a player who said that the game of life game is like therapy, because you can choose the decisions that you want to make and you can even change your choices. In other words, you can choose to be a bad person or a good person. You can choose to be a bad person and be in a relationship with someone you know, or you can choose to be a good person and become a better person.

I really like that phrase because it’s so true. Sometimes we just choose to be bad. It’s so easy to choose. We are so comfortable with being bad. We can even choose being bad with our own actions, we can choose to drink or smoke or use drugs, we can choose to get into a relationship with someone that isn’t right for us, we can choose to be a bad friend or a good friend.

The truth is that we are all just bad people. But we can choose to be a bad person with our own actions too.

Now I am sure that some of you are like, “but what about the other bad people? What about the people that are doing the bad stuff?” We can choose to be bad people with our own actions too. And our badness can turn out to be good.