I’ve been on a journey to be content with what I have.

One of the first places I started to feel content with what I have was in my apartment because I had finally got rid of most of the things I owned. I had moved out of my parents’ bedroom into a loft apartment and I was free to do as I pleased.

In the space of a few days I had moved from nothing but a box of clothes into a new apartment. I was living life with less and less clutter, like most of us would do while living in the real world. At the same time, I was starting to feel content with what I had.

I think this is a common theme in all of our talks around contentment in contentment. We are not content, but we are content with what we have. We use our possessions as resources for our own growth and creativity. We are also content with what we have right now because we know that tomorrow we will have more and we will be able to use our possessions in ways that we can’t right now.

Contentment in contentment, contentment in contentment, of course. The problem is that we are not content, so we can’t really be content in contentment. For instance, I have my laptop and I can’t really feel contentment when I am using it. I have other things I can’t really be content in like my smartphone. But I can be content in being able to access my emails, my messages, and my calendars every day.

This is a perfect example. I am a woman who has a smartphone and I wish so badly I could use it more. Now I am content with having this phone. But I can never be content in the fact that I have the phone. There is a contentment in this fact: it’s how I will use this phone.

You can think of content as being something I can’t. I have an email account that I share with every single person on the planet, and every email I send from my phone.

What is contentment? Is it a state of being happy, content? Is that contentment a feeling I get from having my email account shared with everyone on the planet? No. Contentment is the realization that I have the ability to use my phone to share emails, messages, and calendars. Contentment is knowing how to use your phone.

Contentment is how I use my phone.

When I look at my phone, I know that I can send messages, make phone calls, and send pictures. It’s an amazing feeling, and I am content about that. But, as I go out from my home, I know that I can’t share email, calendars, texts, and photos.