I have a valentine for you, and I love you. I love your warmth, your smile, your laughter, your sense of humour, your personality, and your kindness. I love that you are special to me and that I have a special place in your heart. I love that you’ll always be my valentine and that I will always have you in my heart.

I mean, yeah, obviously I am going to have a valentine for you. Because I am the kind of person who, when I feel like something really, really good happens, I just feel totally giddy. I love the feeling of having something happen, and I don’t like it when it doesn’t. And when I get a valentine, I feel like the universe is giving me a gift that I can return to myself, and I don’t feel guilty about it.

As we know, valentines are about the most wonderful gift that can be given to someone. They often come at the most perfect time but don’t have to be returned at all. Even though some people don’t appreciate them, if they get a valentine, you can always return it to them and give them another one.

Some people have a problem with this; they think they are giving to someone who gets a valentine, but when they do, it’s like a cat with a tail and one of them has a valentine. It’s a pretty bad attitude, when it comes to valentines, it’s like a cat with a tail that gets a valentine. A valentine is a token of good luck or a kind of gift to someone.

This is what makes valentines so important. They can be used as a kind of a gift, but it has to be an appropriate one. You can’t just throw a valentine at someone without giving them something. The best valentines we know of are ones that are wrapped in the appropriate paper or a card and wrapped in a box with a lock and a key.

When you spend your life looking for a good valentine, you don’t find them. You find an old valentine. You find a new one, and they all have a happy valentine.

I think there are two types of valentines. One is the valentine that says, “I love you,” and is wrapped in a pretty box. This is the kind of valentine that is perfect for a birthday or a wedding, because it’s a little bit more of a statement thing than a gift. The other is the valentine that says, “I hate you,” and is often wrapped in a big black bow.

The valentine that says, “I’ll be all right in a few weeks,” is a very common one. The valentine is a valentine that says “I love you, but I love you more than you think.” The valentine that says, “I’ll be all right in a few weeks, but I’m not taking you too seriously.

The valentine is a very common one. It’s a tiny little thing you do when you can feel something. It’s a big thing to you, or you can’t feel. It’s a good thing you can feel an emotion. But it’s pretty common.

When we say valentine, we’re referring to a small gesture (or word) that represents a positive emotion. It may be a small act, but because it’s so common, it can be a powerful thing. A valentine is often an expression of love. It indicates that something is getting better or you need a little more time. It’s a small moment of hope and happiness.