On a beautiful sunny spring day I decided to do something really fun for a video I was making.

So I thought I’d record a video talking about the importance of captions for proms, using what was then a fairly new technology. All I had was the phone and my iPhone, but I figured it would be easy enough.

The video itself is a short talk by me about the importance of captions for proms, then a short clip of the video, then a short clip of the video talking about how easy it is. It’s still a great talk, and I’d recommend it to anyone, but I think it’s a bit strange that I didn’t use Instagram for the video. I’ve always used Instagram to create prom videos and it’s always worked out great.

Again, I was never into Instagram. I dont know why its so popular, but it was. I’m more of a photo-blogger.

I was a bit skeptical about Instagram, but Id be lying if I said I didnt go there. I actually use Instagram quite a bit. If I was going to do a prom video, I would just do it on my phone. I do video chats with my friends and family, but I have no real interest in doing videos on my phone. I just think its a good way to show off your personality.

The same goes for prom videos. You see a lot of people doing them on their phones and they are not as good as they could be. I am not saying that you should go out and shoot a video like that, but I think the person doing the video should be more concerned with the fact that his or her phone is recording.

It is possible to go the other direction and have people simply show up for a video with no intention of recording it. In that situation, it is even possible to have people show up for a video with no intention of recording it. I think that the key to this is to have a clear purpose for the video. You can always edit it later to make it look better, but as long as it is a clear and legitimate purpose, then it will be great.

The idea of being a video-cam-wielding serial killer is too scary to be real, so we’re going to need to make sure that our goal is clear. For that, I think we need to make sure that we have a purpose. There are a couple of ways to do that. One way is to post a video on YouTube with a “I’m just here to record” caption. That way, people can click on the video’s link to watch it.

The other way is to use captions generated on your own website. You can simply use the text-based captions on your blog. This is similar to the way we use our site blog text to generate captions (see the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVjv1wDxu8Q).