To help break through the “new home insecurity bubble”, we created this link instagram to tiktok to bring our content to a new audience. It’s a visual space to keep our content fresh so everyone can see what we’ve been posting online.

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How do we get there? There are two ways: a) We can just click on the link on our website and you can see the link. b) We can click on our instagram. That’s what we are doing. We want to follow up with this instagram and we want to see that link on our website too. If you follow up with the instagram of your own website, you will get a couple of clicks on your instagram.

That’s the fun of it in a way. We’ve been wanting to give you a better way to follow us on instagram but we don’t want to do that if you don’t trust us. We just want you to follow us on instagram if you want to see the link that goes somewhere we want you to follow.

We are a new website and are just a couple of months old. So, we want to give you something a little better than the usual instagram links. Instead of just linking to your website, we want to link to you on our website. To get this we have to follow you on your website. We just want to see that link on our website. Thats why you are following us on your website.

Tagging is an easy way to share your account with other people. If you’re reading this in the future and you don’t have Twitter, we want to let you know that we’re putting a tag on your account to let you know that we’re following you on Twitter. This is how we ensure that you will always be able to get all the latest updates from us.

Thanks to all the viewers who have been following and commenting on this video so far, the website has been updated to better fit the new trailer.

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