I think a lot of people get frustrated that valentines posts don’t get posted. The same goes for Valentine’s Day. So I decided to post a few for you to use to make your post count.

So you’re thinking, “how on earth do I post something like this on a date that doesn’t even exist?” The key is to think about what you want to say. Think about what you want people to think, not what they actually will think.

First, be yourself. Second, think about what you want to say, not what others will think. Lastly, think about how you will look and act once the words are on the internet.

I think valentines day is a great time to remind people that its ok to be yourself, and that you are loved and cared about. If you post something and people say they love you, be happy for them. If theres one person who hates you, be happy for them. And if you can somehow get your post to them, then you might get a few more clicks.

Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to connect and share their thoughts. While we’re not exactly the hippest couples out there, we’re not really all that judgmental of each others’ tastes. We all have our own ideas about what constitutes a “good” post, so we’re looking to send valentines out to all of you.

Valentines Day is when people see our way of life, their way of thinking, and we all agree that it is a time for couples to get together and share our thoughts and feelings about our world. And as we’ve already learned, this is a time for people to be together.

Yeah, we all thought this was a weird idea, but the idea just came about when we all decided to do a little Valentine’s Day-themed research. During our research we decided to look at how to put a Valentine’s Day post up on facebook for the first time. The first thing we tried was to just have a generic “Valentine” post telling people that you’re thinking of them during the day. That didnt work.

Well if we all had a facebook, we wouldnt be doing all of this research, but we were all too busy to do anything.

And here’s the problem with this. Facebook offers you the option to post a status update with a specific message that is sent to your friends who have not yet replied. But people dont like to actually send messages on facebook, so what happens is that their friends don’t get the message because they have yet to reply. And it kinda sucks when your friend, who is already going off and doing what they want, doesn’t get the message because you didn’t reply.

I think that most of us are too busy to actually do anything. Which is why I was glad to see that some friends created a “Valentines” page on Facebook. A page where everyone can post a status update with a message that they would like to receive from their friends as well.