Scottsdale in Phoenix has a hot and dry climate, with temperatures often crossing 100 degrees four to five months a year. Nothing is more relaxing than swimming in a pond on a hot, dry day. You can enjoy a swim in a public pool or a community if you live in a single-family home.

However, owning a house with a pool gives you privacy, safety, and convenience. And that is why homes for sale with pool in Scottsdale AZ, are so popular with the people. You should consider buying one of these if you enjoy swimming and enjoying your time in pools. 

You will find many houses with private ponds if you walk in the city’s famous neighborhoods like N 107th Street, McCormick Ranch, and N Indian Camp Trail. The reasons: hot, dry climate and its role in increasing the property’s value by about 7%. The advantages far out shadow the maintenance and other costs involved.

But before you go ahead and contact a realtor to search for a house with a pool, here are some essential things to consider beforehand. 

Guidelines for the owners

The City of Scottsdale has specific guidelines for private swimming pools for homeowners, ensuring maximum safety and security. Here are some you should know.


According to the Housing Pool Policy determined by the City of Phoenix, all private pools in Scottsdale should have a permanent fence that is non-climbable and measures at least five feet in height. It should have a gate that closes automatically or self-closes to prevent children from entering the pond without supervision.


All property owners should ensure that private pools are situated at least two feet away from the property line. However, exceptions apply to easements like drainage, PUE, and NAOS. The rules prohibit owners from placing any water equipment within 10 feet of the indoor living area of an adjacent property. 


All owners must have a valid permit before installing a pond or even buying a house with a pre-existing one. You should ask the realtor for the license before buying the property to avoid complications later. 

The permit contains information like property address, pool surface area, linear feet of retaining walls, retaining wall height, and fence height. If your pond has a gas heater, it should have a separate plumbing permit.


The City of Scottsdale requires all property owners to keep their pools clean and hygienic, free from debris, algae, and other contaminants. However, there are several cleaning rules that everybody should follow. 

One avoids releasing the pool’s water into the street or on anybody’s property. You can release the water into a storm drain, sewage cleanout, or drain. Most owners clean their pools during the monsoon season, in which heavy winds fill them with leaves. 

Best places to buy a house with a pool

There are plenty of neighborhoods in the town where you could consider buying a home with a pool. The two best subdivisions most people prefer are North Scottsdale and Old Town Scottsdale.

North Scottsdale 

It is close to the McDowell Mountains, famous for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Having a home with a pool offers you breathtaking views of these mountains, particularly during the mornings and evenings. 

Old Town Scottsdale

This neighborhood is famous for its historical attractions. People prefer buying homes with pools because of the incredible natural views. The two most famous neighborhoods to buy a property here are Inmar Terrace and New Papago Parkway.

It would help if you considered these things before looking for homes for sale with a pool in Scottsdale, AZ, through a real estate agent. Having a private pool is lovely, but you should ensure it meets the legal requirements and local regulations.